BUILD 3D Upgrade Kit

PLEASE NOTE: the AutoLevel Kit and Hot End were erroneously listed at less than intended in the email sent out. Please add $5 more on each of them.

Can I upgrade my Prusa Mendel to a Prusa i3?

Yes, you can. You can keep most of the components you already have for the Prusa Mendel and pay only for the ones you need. The UPGRADE Kit is only available for previous BUILD Series 3D participants.

We will provide you the STLs of the plastic parts for you to print OR you can add it as part of  your Upgrade Kit.

You are able to keep the following from your previous BUILD:

  • MakerGear Hot End Kit V3 1.75 mm w/ .35mm Nozzle
  • RAMPS and Arduino MEGA
  • Wade’s Nema 17 Extruder set w/Hive76 Bolt
  • Timing Belts and GT2 Kit
  • 12x LM8UU Bearings
  • PCB Heated Bed
  • Power Supply
  • Wiring
  • Cardboard & Glass

Prusai3-StellaRubyThe Base BUILD 3D Upgrade Kit includes:

  • Prusai3 Hardware Kit
    • Melamine Wood Frame
    • Vitamins (Nuts, Washers, Bolts)
    • Rods

Optional Upgrades:

  • Hot End: MakerGear Hot End Kit V3b 1.75 mm w/ .35mm Nozzle
  • Additional Wiring Set
  • PCB Heated Bed
  • Additional Glass
  • AutoLevel Kit
  • Printed Parts

Important Dates

Check the Events section for time and location

  • Tuesday, Mar 17th – Registration and Payment DEADLINE
  • Saturday, Mar 21st – First BUILD Day (Soldering)
  • Saturday, April 11th – Second BUILD Day (Frame/Hot End)
  • Saturday, April 18th – Third BUILD Day (Power Supply/Wiring/Firmware/Calibration)
  • Saturday, April 25th – Fourth BUILD Day (Calibration/Tutorial)
  • Saturday, May 2nd – Fifth BUILD Day (Optional)

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