Here are the following that have registered and paid for the BUILD Series 101: TIG Shield:

  1. Aleks K
  2. Allen A
  3. Austin H
  4. Brandon H
  5. Carlos T
  6. Cathy S
  7. Demian M
  8. Dylan E
  9. Eric D
  10. Iris A
  11. Jacob B
  12. James A
  13. Jonathan N
  14. Justine F
  15. Linh N
  16. Narisa P
  17. Nick R
  18. Regina N
  19. Richard C
  20. Russell T
  21. Shelley T
  22. Tae L
  23. Tim H
  24. Vivian C

We currently have 3 people that have paid but no emails attach soooo……

If you currently hold a receipt and don’t see your name above, please register online: (ProTip: use the Chrome browser)

Remember, deadline to register and pay for the workshop is this Thursday, September 19th.