Bigger and Better

In our latest company update we are happy to announce the biggest (quite literally) expansion to our print farm to date! This new expansion to our print farm features an emphasis on the “go big or go home” mentality as we introduce 4 new large build printers to the space.  

Meet the Family!

The Big

This expansion brings in a variety of quality large build printers optimized to print large parts quickly with a variety of materials including industrial grade filaments. 

  • Creality s5
  • Axiom 20
  • Makerbot z18
  • Creality CR-10s
  • (3x) Lulzbot TAZ-5

The Small

In addition to the large build printers which have joined the farm recently, we are proud to announce the expansion into SLA printing! With these machine we can deliver highly detailed and small scale parts. Below you can find details on the machines we use for resin prints..  

  • (3x) LONGER Orange
  • (2x) AnyCubic Photon

What does this mean?

With these new additions to the print farm The Maker Society can offer a new level of detail and versatility to all of our services. Our industrial grade printers allow us to print essentially any material, any size, without breaking parts. On the other end of the spectrum the new resin printers allow for the highest level of both quality and detail previously not available with only FDM. 

Creality CR-10s

One of the most popular printers in the desktop market, the CR-10 features a taller build volume over its similar sized competition such as Lulzbot. The CR-10 is excellent for medium to large sized parts in materials such as PLA or PETG which don’t require an enclosure. 

Creality s5

Now the largest machine to join the farm, the Creality s5 features one of the largest build volumes available on any desktop style 3D printers. Operating using the same style frame as its smaller variant the CR-10, the s5 is perfect for massive scale prints in non industrial grade materials as it is able to capture great detail

Axiom 20

With a fully enclosed housing and dual extruder set up, the Axiom 20 allows for industrial grade materials to be printed at large scale with soluble support or multiple colors. 

Makerbot z18

Also featuring enclosed housing, the Makerbot z18 has a large print volume as well. Makerbot is credited with starting the maker movement, and is a standard for printing in PLA.