LBMS Executive Board 2012-13
(Left to Right) Sirac Haile, Benjamin Cannon, Steven Peterson, Aric Smith
Co-Founders of the Long Beach Maker Society: Steven Peterson, Frederick Camba, Benjamin Cannon

Meet the executive officers, as well as the Co-Founders, of the Long Beach Maker Society. Check out the interview we conducted…

What inspired you to start the Long Beach Maker Society?

Ben: Making and creating is something that I have always loved to do. So when you’re in love, you want to tell the world and I wanted to tell everyone about this fantastic movement of Inventing, innovation and “Do-It-Yourselfing”. I hoped, and knew, this idea of applying what we learn, what we’ve shared, and collaborated would resonate with people from all disciplines. I knew it would, because the process of that “Aha!” moment to planning and designing and then finally making your idea/invention/design real is the most rewarding thing I’ve ever felt and that goes beyond the categories of our disciplines. People feel that whether you are an engineer, an artist, a designer, a hobbyist, a tinker. It’s there in all of us.

Steven: After participating in the first 3D Printer BUILD Series last spring I felt there was a huge opportunity to bring students together from several disciplines and start something different. Ben, Fred, and I immediately connected and started brainstorming ideas for a club that would give people the tools to successfully collaborate and create unique projects. We finally decided on a name, Long Beach Maker Society, that truly represents our passion to push the envelope of tech and innovation forward while bringing students together to create a new experience.

Fred: I’ve been an active member of a few student organizations before and It was a great opportunity to start an organization with passionate individuals with the same goals and the same way of thinking. We seem to have the perfect blend of personalities, thinking, & ambition to hit the ground running. I believe in helping others reach their goals, be it creating/doing amazing things they’ve never done before or just being a part of a group as amazing as the guys I’ve met the past couple of months. As the staff advisor, my main goal is to ensure the success of LBMS and all its members through all their endeavors.

What turned you on to 3D Printing?

Ben: 3D printing always fascinated me. It was always something straight out of science fiction and might as well have been running on voodoo. I remember seeing models being printed when I was doing my undergraduate and then I heard about how much it costs to print, how much the machines are and it just seemed completely out reach to really get my hands on. When I was researching for my senior project as an undergraduate, I stumbled upon the a blog post about someones RepRap build and I immediately started tumbling down the rabbit hole. The best parts about building your own 3D printer is mainly two things; you have your own personal manufacturing facility in the end and you really discover how easy CNC technology really is, it really opens you up to a new world.

Steven: I first heard about 3D printing last semester when I was taking my Group Senior Design Class for Electrical Engineering, EE 400D, and our professor introduced the 12 of us to a RepRap 3D Printer. I was assigned Group Manager of the printer, which gave me the privilege of taking it home every weekend for weekly maintenance. Before we knew it, my group learned more about 3D printing then we ever thought we could know. During all of this, we met Ben and decided to join his BUILD Series throughout the semester and created a few of our very own RepRaps.

Fred: I was introduced to the DIY 3D printers by Ben earlier this year. As soon as I attended one of his meetings I was sold in building my very own. I also have a friend that owns a 3D Printer and as a creative type (if I may say so myself) I was envious of all the things he was creating. I would love to design & create amazing things for myself as well as others. Since then I have uploaded my own design online, a tripod mount for the GALAXY series phone. It has been a rewarding experience and I hope to share that with as many people as possible.

Sirac: After an introduction to 3D printing in my Electrical Engineering design class, I was astonished that a device can generate parts for itself. The concept of designing something and watching come to life with a background symphony of squeals and wines from the motors is astonishing. I was always handy building things that interested me and having a 3D printer was a must! I was able to create things that i never thought was possible without expensive machinery, but with the help of our President Ben Cannon a few friends and I were able to build printers that were producing great prints right away.

Aric: What turned me on to 3D Printing, initially, was my senior design prep class, EE 400D. The idea of being able to design something in a three dimensional space and then have it printed, with this piece of hardware, was fascinating. From that moment on, I took it upon myself to learn how to design 3D objects to enable me to print anything that I could imagine. My imagination would determine my level of success.


What would you hope to accomplish by the end of the first [academic] year?

Ben: I really hope we get the foundation set. We did really well with the 3D printer series last year, but that’s such a small part of what we do and what I hope to branch out into. I hope that we can get enough people from different disciplines and interests we can really bring a diverse selection of stuff to the table.

Steven: I am very thrilled to be an officer of Long Beach Maker Society and have no doubt that we are going to be working on some very exciting projects over the next year for all types of students. I would love to see various BUILD Series come out of LBMS as well as collaboration with local companies to help support our goals as a do-it-yourself club of MAKERS.

Fred: As I mentioned before, I would like every single person to achieve their personal goals within the Long Beach Maker Society and help foster a great environment for all. Dream it. Design it. Build it.

Sirac: I hope to be able to spread my knowledge of building things, 3D printers, electronics, and simple coding to members who would have never been exposed to those topics. I wish to turn someone who never laid a hand on a tool to be able to build things they imagined they never have been able to. Also I wish that our society will spread and our society will be recognized throughout the world! I also wish gain support from local companies and organizations to help us strive and become successful!

Aric: What I hope we accomplish by the end of the first year would be the overall success of the Long Beach Maker Society. It is always a rough start, especially with little to no funding, but where there is a will, there is a way. I believe that as a group, we have the characteristics, positive energy and qualities to draw people in and the motivation to succeed. I couldn’t be happier to work with and learn from such an astounding team of talented individuals.