Making King Vader's Iron Man Suit

Over this past summer we had the pleasure of working with the talent King Vader of Wolf Graphic Productions on his latest iteration of his Avengers parody video. A custom sized Iron Man suit was printed and painted over the course of a month leading up to the video being filmed. 

Sourcing The Files

Due to the video production being very shortly after the movie's release there were very few options when it came to files for Iron Man's newest suit. After some searching we made the decision to go with a set of files made by a modeler known as Maxcrft on Etsy. For the climax of the video we also had to make Iron Man's Infinity Gauntlet and for this we chose to go with a beautifully detailed file from Nikko Industries.

Scaling the Suit

To make sure the suit would be a perfect fit, a simple full body 3D scanner was put together using an old Microsoft Kinect. This allowed us to get exact measurements and proportions far more exact that an tape measure would allow. Once the scan was taken, the files were scaled to be the best possible fit to allow for proper movement with minimal gaps as we knew Vader would need to be able to dance in the suit. 

Printing The Suit

At 122 pieces and just over 1100 hours of printing time suit was our largest project to date. To save time the parts were split between 8 different printers, cutting the overall time from start to completion to only 12 days. 

Assembly & Finishing

Once all the parts were printed, they needed to be secured together and reinforced to guarantee the durability needed for filming the video. Using fiberglass and resin the main sections of the suit were reinforced and a temporary strapping system was created to help with the test fitting. After that, it was a lot of sanding and finally, painting.

Full Suit Test Run

After all parts were completed, the final strapping system was secured in and all electronics were added in the suit. The suit was later brought to the filming location for its first day of action. This trial run for the first day allowed us to make any final tweaks before the main shooting day.

The Final Suit

For the main day of filming, all final adjustments were completed to produce the final suit as seen in the video. It was lightweight enough to allow Vader to wear it for most of the day while also being sturdy enough to handle the more demanding action shots and dancing in the video.

There's so much more!

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