This week’s meeting was somewhat shorter than usual in terms of content because we were really excited to make ziplock baggy ice cream. Ice cream was a great success and was accompanied by a delicious chocolate cake, thanks to Frank. If you get a chance, please also thank, Demian Mendez for volunteering to get the ice all broken up and organized and Vivian Chen for bringing chocolate and butterscotch chip toppings. We love it when you guys find ways to help the club and just go for it. We have such amazing members!

Now here goes for content:

BUILD 3D updates are as follows: 28/30 RAMPS shields are confirmed up and working. This Saturday, same time and place (10am, ECS 304), we will start work on the frames. Participants will get most of the printed parts and hardware this week, so be prepared to start carrying a bit more around. Bring 2 crescent wrenches (or 2 1/2-inch wrenches), Hex/Allen keys, a level, calipers and/or measuring tape, super glue/2-part epoxy, and your laptop to reference the very substantial build guide. We also recommend that you bring a good deal of patience. Mistakes do happen – we expect them – and we are well prepared to find solutions. As long as you stay calm and just go with whatever happens, we can assure you that you will end up with a working printer.

Also, Halloween is another week closer, so we hope you are starting to work on your costumes for our make-your-own-costume contest, which will take place two weeks from today – Thursday, October 31 at 5pm. Some of our members and officers discussed their own costume ideas, but we hope you have your own. Remember, please ask us questions, either in person or email, if you have a costume idea and don’t know how to make it work. DO NOT BE INTIMIDATED – just be willing to learn. Also, the print shop is open for any costume-related prints. If you have your own working printer, we’d love it if you’d print out your own Halloween-themed items and bring them in as well. is a great community and an excellent resource for cool objects, if you don’t feel super confident modeling on your own. Ideas discussed in the meeting included glow-in-the dark filament and enclosing gifts in printed boxes by pausing the print midway and putting something inside. Try something and bring it in to share!

See you guys this Saturday or next week. Keep on making!