We are now in the middle of midterm season, so I’ll try to make this week’s re-cap quick. First off, Forest, Jenny and I had such a successful ice cream making session with the high school and middle school girls at SWE’s Women Engineers at the Beach Day that we have decided to do it again with you guys. Next Thursday, during our meeting, we are going to give you all a chance to make plastic bag ice cream yourselves. It’s pretty fun, so you probably want to be there.

The most important reminder of the meeting was that the first build day for BUILD Series 3D is this Saturday, October 12 in ECS 306. Be there at 10 am to get parts and learn what to do. This day is basically all soldering, so bring a soldering iron, solder, helping hands and your laptop (so you can reference our instruction manual). Former BUILD 3D participants are encouraged to come and help out. Also, if you haven’t finished your TIG shield yet and need some help, you might want to stop by this Saturday during the BUILD 3D day. (If you can’t make it, the forums are also a great place to get your questions related to BUILD Series 101 or anything else related to making answered.)

If you bought one of the poorly made soldering irons we included in the tool kits and are participating in BUILD 3D, we suggest you buy a better iron before Saturday. Please bring those irons back, too, because we are going to try to return them – we are unhappy with their quality even at the cheap price. You can get a pretty nice iron for about $50 online – ask Ben or one of us if you need help choosing one. We suggest getting one with variable temperature, a station, and interchangeable tips.

Halloween is also fast approaching, so we hope you are at least thinking about your costume. Our costume contest will take place during our meeting on October 31 at 5 pm. We really want you guys to use this as an opportunity to use your creativity and learn something new (sewing, paper mache, solid modeling, anything!). You are limited only by deciding what you want to do. We, your fellow makers, will happily help you figure out how. Ben showed off his Han Solo costume to emphasize this point. He both learned how to sew and designed and printed his own belt buckle to make his costume work. Our print shop is also available if you want to print any small accessories. There is a $10 setup fee + cost of filament, but we will charge you half price if you want something for your costume. Just send us an email at 3dprintshop@lbmakersociety.org.

Also, Frank is the creative director of the CSULB president’s holiday video again this year. He’s asking for volunteers to help create a fake bonfire out of fans, cellophane and red and yellow LEDs. Send him an email (fred@lbmakersociety.org) if you are interested.

Finally, we announced this semester’s apprentices: Dylan Evans, Joseph Lozano, Austin Henderson and Brandon Hoffman. These four will be shadowing Ben throughout the semester and winter break. If you applied to be an apprentice and didn’t get selected, please try again in the spring. It was a tough decision for us to make – all 11 applicants had a lot to offer.

So this re-cap didn’t turn out as short as I intended, but a lot of cool stuff is going on with the club. Good luck with all your tests and see you on Saturday!