We had another very successful meeting this week. We defied meeting standards and started out with the fun stuff: a list of cool stuff you can print. It was a long but awesome list, including dresses, the brain slug from Futurama, an octopus, Darth Vader’s helmet, a Stormtrooper’s helmet, the Terminator’s head (apparently this takes 14 hours), Kirby, wrenches, prosthetic hands and flowers. Maybe you guys who have printers could try making some of these cool things and bring them to the next meeting. Next week we’re going to talk about how you can further modify your 3D printer once you have it up and working.

We tentatively still have 2 positions open: Webmaster and Events Coordinator. We’ve already had a lot of interest, so please email us ASAP (like NOW) if you are interested. Jenny Hirunthanakorn is our new AESB Representative. Be sure to congratulate her if you see her! (Ask one of us if you don’t know who she is.)

Payments for tool kits are now being taken. The kits will be available on Saturday, and if you are participating in BUILD 101 and purchase a kit, we will bring it to the build day for you. Tool kits come in 2 variations ($30 and $40): Both include wire strippers, flush cutters, 2 crescent wrenches, a precision toolkit, a level, measuring tape, needle nose pliers and a toolbox. The more expensive version also includes a soldering iron, solder and wick. Just a reminder, these kits are great starter kits for those new to making. It is very difficult to figure out what tools you need, especially for the BUILD 3D Series, and this is a really inexpensive way to get started. We are doing this entirely for you guys and aren’t making any profit from these kits. If you try to buy your own tools, you will probably spend a lot of time driving around various stores grabbing  tools you didn’t know you needed and returning products that weren’t quite right.

The TIG Shield BUILD day is this Saturday! Meet in ECS 306 at 10 am. We will probably start around 10:30, but this way you can set up your equipment and get your components. Pizza will be provided for lunch. Unless you purchased a toolkit from us, please bring a soldering iron, solder, and flush cutters. You also might want helping hands and safety goggles, as well as gloves if you are new to soldering or have shaky hands. We are going to have a full room this Saturday and want to minimize injury. It is also recommended that you bring a laptop to view our build manual and program your Arduino.

We are still looking for print shop apprentices, but if you are interested you must contact us by the end of the week. Send an email to theapprentice@lbmakersociety.org with your information and a description of why you want to be an apprentice. We would prefer people who are participating (or have participated) in the BUILD 3D Series and want to get more involved in the club.

We also need volunteers for a SWE event next Friday from 11:30am to 1:30pm. The event’s aim is to get high school girls interested in engineering. We need help setting up, cleaning up and helping run an ice cream making activity. How could you refuse free ice cream and contributing to society in one go? Send us an email if you are interested.

Finally, we are planning a make-your-own costume contest this Halloween (which happens to fall on the day of our meeting). Start thinking about costume ideas now. Extra points if you include your TIG Shield in your costume!!!

See you guys on Saturday!!!