Hi, Makers! It was great meeting so many of you at the Nugget last Thursday. In case you missed our meeting (or you just weren’t paying attention because you were so excited about meeting your fellow makers outside of a classroom), here’s a quick summary of what went on:

The TIG Shield BUILD series is completely sold out. If you are already signed up (meaning you have paid us), meet next Saturday in ECS 306 at 10 am. Bring your soldering iron and whatever other tools you think might come in handy (maybe some flush cutters and a pair of pliers if you have them). If you are all well-behaved, we may provide pizza.

We are also going to start selling toolkits, which come in 2 variations ($30 and $40): Both include wire strippers, flush cutters, 2 crescent wrenches, a precision toolkit, a level, measuring tape, pliers and a toolbox. The more expensive version also includes a soldering iron, solder and wick. These kits are primarily intended for new makers who aren’t quite sure what they need to start the tool-acquisition process. If you are planning to participate in the BUILD 3D series and don’t have your own tools yet, this kit should provide you with the basics.

BUILD 3D sign-ups are still open, but it is filling up fast so if you want a spot get your payment in soon. Also, the available colors are: blue, red, green, black and white. Blue and red are nearly sold out. If you want a specific color it is doubly important that you sign up soon. Your spot is not secure until we receive your money. If you want to pay, come up to VEC 524 on M/W 12:45-3pm or 5-7pm, find Frank at FOS-700 M-Th 8am-4pm, or send an email to info@lbmakersociety.org to arrange another time. If you are serious about participating this semester, DO NOT WAIT to sign up.

Finally, we still have 2 support officer positions open: Webmaster and Events Coordinator. If either of these positions sound like something you see yourself doing, please send us an email describing your interest.

Thanks again to all who attended! Sorry if you couldn’t find a seat – we love the consistency and enthusiasm of our members, but unfortunately our meeting room is limited in size. Those who stood throughout the meeting probably deserve an award for their dedication. Keep it up! See you next Thursday!