We have two meetings left for the semester, but there are a few awesome events planned before then:

Today is the last day of BUILD 3D and we are going to try to get as many printers up and running as possible.  We are going to run a presentation on the printer software we recommend that you use:  slic3r (which turns your STL file into machine code), Proterface (your GUI to control your printer via computer) and the firmware and updates to the firmware, so if you aren’t here yet, hurry up.

If you are building a printer, you might want to order some plastic now, if you haven’t already. Please reference Sirac’s amazing email about plastic before ordering. In short, it basically recommends that you buy 1.75mm PLA from Ultimachine, but we recommend that you read the whole thing.

We are hosting one more series this semester – Screen Printing – on December 7 at noon.  This Maker series event will be free as long as you bring your own blank T-shirt (or shirts).  We will tell you colors of ink we will be supplying in advance so you can choose your shirt colors accordingly. We will have 3 designs: two LBMS designs and one member-submitted design chosen via a contest. Send your designs to screenprint@lbmakersociety.org ASAP. Designs must use one color and should be related to school, LBMS or recent events, if possible.

Here are the presentation slides, for your reference: