We were back to our regular meeting format this week after two weeks of more relaxed meetings (one at the Nugget and one which was really a Halloween party/costume contest). The crowd was smaller than usual, probably due to midterms. We only had a few announcements, but we discussed a lot of interesting topics beyond those. You can view the meeting’s PowerPoint presentation at:


BUILD 3D Day 4 is currently is in progress, so if you are late and reading this, hurry up and get here. We are about to start our hot ends, and Forest is enjoying eating plastic. People are getting pretty close to finishing up, so we are planning a Maker series in which we screen print our own T-shirts, probably on December 7. It should be a short, fun series, so hopefully you guys will all participate. We are also looking for fundraising ideas to keep down the cost of all our series. Please contact us if you have any ideas. In other updates, our apprentices just recently built an autonomous camera rig for a moving time lapse of the president’s holiday greeting video. The video will be available mid-December.

Fred also shared his experiences building a DeadMau5 head for Halloween. Keep a look out for his write-up, which will be posted soon.

See you next week (or today, right now)!