We would like to invite you to our first meet up. We’ll be discussing our BUILD Series and help those that have not completed their 3D Printers.

*** We are open to all majors, faculty/staff, alumni, & community members. ***

First Meet Up of Fall 2012
Sunday, September 23, 2012
Engineering & Computer Science 306 @ CSULB

CAMPUS MAP: http://daf.csulb.edu/maps/parking/index.html

We are located in the Engineering campus near the tennis courts and Student Recreation and Wellness Center.


The LBMS has two different types of meetings: General Meetings and Meetups.

General Meetings are for announcements, reports, and we’d like everyone to attend to have quorum when voting on LBMS decisions.

Meet Ups are for technical sessions with the group. The BUILD Series falls under the meet ups that will be usually held during the weekends.