What is the BUILD Series 3D?

If you’re interested in building a 3D printer, you’ve come to the right place. The LONG BEACH MAKER SOCIETY will help guide participants through the process of building their very own printers from the beginning of soldering to the end of calibration. The BUILD Series will consist of 4-6 build days (Saturdays) where LBMS Officers will be facilitating the build process (additional assistance will be available depending on the progress of the build).

The 3D BUILD Kit includes everything you need to build your own RepRap Prusa i3:

  • RAMPS DIY Kit Complete w/ Pre-Solder SMT and Arduino Mega
  • MakerGear V3b Hot End Kit 1.75mm w/ .35mm Nozzle
  • LBMS NEMA 17 Extruder Kit w/ Hobbed Bolt
  • LBMS Prusa i3 Hardware Kit
  • Timing Belts
  • 5 Stepper Motors + 2 Pulleys
  • PCB Heat Bed + Auto Leveling Sensor
  • Wiring & Tubing
  • Printed Parts
  • Power Supply
  • Really small sample of PLA plastic for test cube

Important Dates

Check the Events section for time and location (Dates may change due to Spring Break but all dates will be held on Saturdays) 

  • Saturday, March 18th – Registration and Payment DEADLINE
  • Saturday, March 19th – First BUILD Day (Frame/Hot End/Power Supply)
  • Saturday, March 26th – Second BUILD Day (Wiring/Firmware/Calibration)
  • Saturday, April 2nd – Third BUILD Day (Calibration/Tutorial)
  • Saturday, April 9th – Fourth BUILD Day (Operational Instructions/Software)
  • Saturday, April 16st – Fifth BUILD Day (Optional)

Sign-up for BUILD Series 3D – Spring 2016!

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