What is the BUILD Series 3D Scanner?

HermanoLBMS is partnering up with CSULB alumnus, Juan Gutierrez aka @embeddedjunkie, to host a 3D Scanning workshop.

The goal of the workshop is to provide participants  with a working knowledge of 3D scanning including equipment, techniques, processing, and software. The workshop will be held in ECS 306 alongside the optional build day for BUILD Series 3D.

COST: FREE (Bring Your Own Kinect)


  • Bring a Kinect (360 or PC — 360 might be cheaper but need USB Adapter with power supply, can be hacked or buy separately)
  • Bring your laptop!

Important Dates

Check the Events section for time and location

  • Friday, Nov 21st – Registration DEADLINE
  • Saturday, Nov 22nd – Scanner Day

Sign-up for BUILD Series 3D Scanner – Fall 2014!

What to Do Before:

  1. A yearning for learning
  2. Laptop
  3. Recommended Software (Pre-install before workshop):
  4. XBox360 Kinect Sensor (Used is cheaper–EBay)​

    • ​AC Adapter / USB Adapter AMAZON
  5. ​(OPTIONAL) Bring a drawing tablet (i.e., Wacom)
  6. Bring an item you’d like to scan

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