Build Series 3D Day 3

Here are your instructions for Day 3. Good luck!

Creating (Hacking) a RepRap Power Supply for RAMPS

Now that you are done, or close to being done, with you 3D printer, you need to get it some power! You can do this buy either purchasing a power supply that is agnostic to what it powers, like a switching power supply that just has screw terminals to attach whatever you need to or […]

Adventures In Making Things: RFID Door Opener (Part 1)

Hey Everyone! Ben, here. So, welcome to “Adventures in Making Things”! This is the very first post in a series that I hope will catalog, inspire, share, and teach people about a project that we/I/you are/am working on. If you have a project that you would like to share, send us a write-up and we’ll […]