What is the BUILD Series: MAKER Tag?

MAKER Tag is a Do-It-Yourself laser tag gun and involves soldering electronics, programming, and more! After your MAKER Tag gun is built, we will be holding a tournament (free-for-all/team) later in the semester. So, sign up & get ready!

We will be providing the following:

  • Custom Built PCB
  • Components and MicroController
  • Plastic Toy Gun
  • Wire & Solder

You must bring the following:

  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Pliers and Basic Electrical Tools
  • Small Screw Drivers
  • Computer to program code
  • Costco Tub size of Patience
  • Fresh & Clean You


  • Sat/Sun, April 27th/28th; May 4th/5th — BUILD Days
  • TBA — MAKER Tag Tournament