What is the TIG Shield Build Series?

If you would like to build your very own TIG Shield then you have come to the right place. The LONG BEACH MAKER SOCIETY is hosting this workshop for individuals interested in learning how to solder, using basic electronics, and creating an LED matrix board with endless possibilities.

We will have various makers guide you through the entire process of making your TIG Shield.

The TIG Build Kit includes:

  • 1 custom printed circuit board
  • 130 LEDs
  • 1 potentiometer
  • 1 button
  • 1 Arduino Uno clone microcontroller
  • 1 battery pack

Important Dates

Check the Events section for time and location.

  • Friday, October 3rd – Deadline for Registration and Payment VEC 524.
  • Saturday, October 4th – First BUILD Day (Soldering)


The registration has reached critical mass and therefore has closed.