This is for everyone that’s building on Saturday or if you’re just a member and you haven’t invested in an iron, and other tools yet.

So… Soldering irons, helping hands, and a pair of cutters are definite musts in anyone’s tool bag. If you are participating in Saturday’s BUILD, you should definitely get yourself these tools. We have only a very limited amount of these tools for everyone to use, and like I said, I guarantee that you will be using them a lot in the future with your own projects and for repairs.

Here’s a list and examples of the tools I’m talking about.

  1. Soldering Iron – Soldering irons are used to melt some type of alloy (just a fancy word for mixed metals) and in our case we use them to make electrical connections.  I would recommend something like this, with a station and the pen separate. Or you can run out to Radioshack and pick one up “on the cheap” like this. The cheap one will get you through the BUILD , but you’ll probably end up throwing it away.
  2. Helping Hands – These are great, simple tools. They’re save you headaches and burnt fingers. They look like this. You can also pick these up at RadioShack or Frys or any other place like that.
  3. Cutters/Snips/Flush Cutters – Another must. I don’t think I’ve ever not had to use a pair of cutters. I’d recommend a multi tool like this. Cutter, crimper, and wire stripper all in one.  Again, you can find one of these are RadioShack, Frys, and probably even Home Depot.

Let me know if you have any questions.