[Fall 2016] BUILD Series 3D: RepRap Printers

What is the BUILD Series 3D? If you’re interested in building a 3D printer, you’ve come to the right place. The LONG BEACH MAKER SOCIETY will help guide participants through the process of building their very own printers from the beginning of soldering to the end of calibration. The BUILD Series will consist of 4 build […]

Electronics Are In!

Hey Makers! Ben here. The electronics are in for tomorrow’s build day! Don’t forget to brin all of your tools and eye protection!

Component Layout for MakerTag PCB

Hey Makers. Ben here. Here is a component layout for the MakerTag PCB showing the location of each component on the board. Pay close attention to the direction of capacitors and which way the board is orientated.

MakerTag Build Build Manual v0.1

Hey Makers. Ben here. Here is the tentative guide for MakerTag. Check back for new and revised versions. Remember, Stay Calm Out There.

The Long Beach Maker Society Github

Hey Makers. Ben here. A lot of you are asking if all the designs and code are available and where. The Maker Society maintains all of the projects as Open Source. They are available here. We encourage you contribute, hack, and play with what we make available to you. If you make a major contribution […]

Creating (Hacking) a RepRap Power Supply for RAMPS

Now that you are done, or close to being done, with you 3D printer, you need to get it some power! You can do this buy either purchasing a power supply that is agnostic to what it powers, like a switching power supply that just has screw terminals to attach whatever you need to or […]

[BS3D] Tools for Saturday

This is for everyone that’s building on Saturday or if you’re just a member and you haven’t invested in an iron, and other tools yet. So… Soldering irons, helping hands, and a pair of cutters are definite musts in anyone’s tool bag. If you are participating in Saturday’s BUILD, you should definitely get yourself these […]

Adventures In Making Things: RFID Door Opener (Part 1)

Hey Everyone! Ben, here. So, welcome to “Adventures in Making Things”! This is the very first post in a series that I hope will catalog, inspire, share, and teach people about a project that we/I/you are/am working on. If you have a project that you would like to share, send us a write-up and we’ll […]

Sign Up for the BUILD Series 101

Hey Everyone, So, a lot of you asked me either “What if I’ve never programmed before?”  or “I have no idea where to start. It’s ok! We’ll get you started off on the right foot. Our first BUILD series of this year is going to be a crash course in to microcontrollers and embedded programming, we’re calling it “Blinkies, […]

Forums Are Now Open!

Hey Everyone! Ben here. Just giving you the heads up that forums are now open for… whatever! Find something or make something cool? We have a forum for that! Need help? Completely lost? We have a forum for that! Stay tuned for more information about Blinkies, Buzzers, and Buttons and the RepRap BUILD Series   […]