The new web dude (Forest) reporting,

We wrapped up our 4th day of the 3D printer build series yesterday and have another build series today at 12. After four short days of this semester’s build series, amazingly, most groups are putting the finishing touches on their printers, and are awaiting the programming and calibration. It has been exciting to watch each group’s ability to work together to achieve their goals while also helping out everyone around them.  There has not been a single dull moment!

I, personally, am participating in this semester’s 3D printer build series, and cannot wait to start printing!

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    1. Those can be pretty nice. They have a potentiometer on them so you can get a little bit more voltage out of the power supply. This is useful for pushing more current through the heated bed.

      With a twelve volt power supply you may not be able to get the bed hot enough for ABS (V=IR), but with this or a 15V power supply you should be fine to getting to a higher temperature.

      Remember to do your automatic PID calibration if you change out your power supply. Your temperature ranges might be all over the place if you don’t. The GCODE to use is “M303 S185”. This will tune your PID for 185 degrees Celsius.