BUILD Series 101: Blinkies, Buzzers, & Buttons

What is the BUILD Series 101?

The BUILD  Series 101 is your crash course in microcontrollers. What’s that, you ask? Don’t worry we’ll make it as user friendly as possible for your first BUILD Series.


BUILD 101 Kit includes:

  • 1x breadboard (830 tie)
  • 8x tactile switch (through hole 2-leg)
  • 8x 10k resistors + small assortment for adjustments
  • 1x mini hobby speaker (2 inch)
  • 1x 3mm red LED
  • 8x 3mm green LED
  • 1x assortment of jumper wires
  • 1x 10k potentiometer
  • 1x Arduino Mega 2560 Clone
  • 1x 9V battery enclosure with male adapter for Arduino

Important Dates

  • Thursday, October 4 – Payment Deadline for your BUILD Kit
  • Saturday, October 13 – BUILD Series 101 Day 1
  • DAY 2 = TBD

Sign Up for BUILD Series 101 – Fall 2012

Registration for the BUILD Series 101: Blinkies, Buzzers, & Buttons is now closed.

Stay tuned for more BUILD Series in the future.

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