Frequently Asked Questions

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For standard FDM printing we request that all parts are submitted in STL format, as this is the current standard for 3D printing.

Currently we have 3 methods of collection for parts. you may either choose a paid shipping option (coming soon) or a pick up by appointment at 1 of our two pick up locations

There are dozens of excellent sources for information regarding 3D printing, try checking out our references page here to get a good start and find out where to go to learn more! 

Check out our Materials Page for in depth information of the different materials we offer! 

Still unsure? Send us an email at and ask!

While we do always try keeping our material options up to date, if you don’t see what you are looking for you can always try reaching out to us to check! We are also always open to special ordering materials if you have a custom project in mind. 

Due to the custom nature of nearly all 3D printed parts it is impossible estimate time for individual parts will take on the printer before they are submitted. That being said all orders are processed and started within one business day of receiving them.

While we always recommend creating your own files, there are many places where you can download free 3d printable files such as Thingivere

While many other 3D printing services usually charge for time, the Maker society only charges based on a set up fee and material used. This allows us to offer more competitive pricing than many other sources