Maker Society

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Portrait of Ben Cannon

“I often get asked the valid question, “Why did you choose to form a club?”. Typical engineering & technology clubs are formed to accomplish a common goal, such as a competition in the future, a prize on the horizon, or funding for events. We too have a common goal that reaches beyond formal ideals. Our goal is to make great things together; to share, to inspire, and to help each other along the way towards our goals as a club and individuals. We do what we do simply because we love to make, inspire and help others…”

Benjamin Cannon
President 2012-13

Portrait of Frederick Camba

Frederick Camba

Vice President of Communications

Portrait of Sirac Haile

Sirac Haile

Vice President of Design

Portrait of Steven Peterson

Steven Peterson

Vice President of Technology

Portrait of Aric Smith

Aric Smith


Portrait of Alfred Guerrero

Alfred Guerrero


Portrait of Forest Turner

Forest Turner


Portrait of Julia Lai

Julia Lai

Fundraising Coordinator

Portrait of Grace Hernandez

Grace Hernandez

Events Coordinator

Portrait of Kyle McCarthy

Kyle McCarthy

R&D Chair

Portrait of Joseph Lozano

Joseph Lozano

AESB Representative