We Are Born Makers
This is our story.

Vision & Mission

We have the creative vision to inspire change that is bigger than ourselves.

Here at the Long Beach Maker Society we strive to create an environment where originality is essential. Our purpose is to organize and support projects that foster collaboration among our members. Our mission is to enhance the creative potential of individuals to help them become innovative thinkers for the future. Our main goals focus on the following:


  • Engineering
  • Design
  • Art
  • Making
  • Leadership


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Meet the Team

We are a team of free-thinking makers.

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Our Story

We are rooted in the DIY spirit.

Ben Cannon had a project in mind in the Fall of 2011. Through partnerships with major student organizations of Engineering and Arts, Ben was able to host the very first 3D BUILD Series at CSULB. The 3D printer movement took off with the help of his newest friends and future co-founders, Frederick Camba & Steven Peterson. Together they formed the Long Beach Maker Society in the Summer of 2012, one printed layer at a time. Long Beach Maker Society's team of engineers, designers, and miscellaneous visionaries collaborate, create, and push the status quo to stay steps ahead of today's technology. Our members have built a strong network, formed close friendships, and continue to share and promote new ideas.



We work together to turn ideas into reality.

Dream It.

We start by bringing creative and practical ideas to the table.

Design It.

We pool our various talents and skills to deliver fun, innovative projects.

Make It.

We apply our ideas, research, and creativity to make things move.


President's Message


Frederick Camba
President 2014-15

"As we move into our third year in existence as a student organization, I intend to continue the positive momentum that carried us from our humble but rough beginnings to where we are today. Our organization has only skimmed the surface: we have great potential and it will require every one of you to achieve our goals.

Those goals include but are not limited to creating/building, learning, sharing, and instill DIY skills. Our main goal is to share our knowledge to inspire others to become well rounded. We will be the bridge between the different engineering disciplines and reach outside our walls into other areas such as the various art disciplines."


Contact Us

  VEC 524

📞 562.66.MAKER



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