About Us

Our Story

During the boom of RepRap 3D printers in 2012, a group of students from Cal State Long Beach got together and formed the Long Beach Maker Society. What began as a club of passionate students has now expanded into a company operating a large scale print farm which processes hundreds of orders for a variety of students, schools and businesses.

3D Printing Services Made Easy For You

At the Maker Society, we aim to make 3D printing more accessible to the general public. Our current print farm has thirty printers working around the clock to fulfill all our orders. We can print in a wide range of filaments – from plastics like PLA and ABS to exotic filaments like TPU and Nylon. If you’re not sure about what material to use – don’t worry, we got it. All our options will be explained to you, and we will also help you optimize your files to make sure they are 3D printed in the most efficient way possible. Want to 3D print a statue of your pet or a loved one? We offer 3D scanning too! If you can design it, we can print it – and we will post process it too!

Not Sure Where to Start? We Can Help!

The Maker Society is more than just 3D printing. It’s about learning how to use the tools available to you to create your wildest dreams! At this company, we MAKE. You can too, by attending our various classes and workshops. Our classes are for those who want to understand what happens behind the scenes of a finished product. We teach you how to ideate, we teach about filaments and the way 3D printers work, we teach you how to model. Whatever you need to know to start 3D printing, we teach it to you. Our workshops are perfect for those who want to work with their hands and build something, and only require a day or two of time! Many of our workshops involve mechanical components and electronics, and will have you using a variety of tools. It’s a perfect way to gain experience, introduce yourself to 3D printing, and get a cool product out of it too!

Meet The Team


Carlos V.


Aerospace Engineer jetting through life – wherever it takes him.

Danny suit up

Daniel C.


Industrial Design student by day, cosplayer by night.


Ambreen K.


Aspiring Civil Engineering student building 3D printed bridges.