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3D Print Shop Service

Here’s the 5 steps to getting something 3D printed:

1) Get A 3D Printable Model

  • Use your favorite CAD software to create your 3D model and save it as an “.stl” file.
  • [Or] Browse the internet for free and paid 3D models and download the “.stl” file.

2) Log Into Freshdesk

  • Head to
  • [Optional] Browse our “Knowledge Base” articles to learn about what materials we offer, pricing, 3D modeling tips, etc.
  • [Optional] Make an account to make it easier to check on your order status!

3) Create A New Ticket

4) Enter Your Information

  • Enter your preferred email (it doesn’t have to be your school email!)
  • Be sure to specify what material, color, quality, rigidity and preferred date you’d like these done by.

5) Go Get Some Ice Cream!

  • Now simply wait for our reply, usually within the day.

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