2 ways to submit your files!

Use Our Built in Slicer or a Google Form

Just follow these easy steps!

Please note that there is a $5 minumum on all orders!

1: Upload your file

Using the button on the bottom off the page, you can upload the desired file you wish to have 3D print. The standard file type used by the Maker Society is STL and other file types may not be acceptable.

2: Check scale and orientation

After importing your part, click on the top arrow to open the scale menu. Here you can adjust the size of your part and change the orientation for printing. 

3: Select a material

You’ll Using the menu on the left side of the screen you will choose the inter material you with to have your part printed in. For a better look at the materials we offer, take a look at our Materials Page.

4: Request a quote

Once you’ve completed the previous steps, you’ll enter your email so we can get back to you with an exact price and time estimate for your part. Keep in mind final price may be slightly higher than the estimate depending on support material used. 

5: Choose a pick up option

Free pick up options

Schedule a free pick up time located near the Design and Engineering buildings at CSULB, refer our FAQ page for available pick up times 

Paid shipping option

Not located in Long Beach? No problem! Simply indicate you’d like your items shipped to you once a technician responds to your order form. 




Submitting via email may lead to a delay in your parts being processed*

Have a Question? Check out our FAQ page!