[Fall ’19] BUILD Series: 101

What is the BUILD Series: 101?

This workshop is the introduction to the entire BUILD Series Program that will be offered by the Long Beach Maker Society throughout this semester.

By the end of the BUILD Series Program students will be able to:

Conceptualize, Design, Prototype, Assemble, and Post-Process their own projects through the completion of smaller, targeted workshops.

BUILD Series: 101 will guide you through some processes on working with 3D printed plastic objects.

Concepts covered:

  • Removing support structures from 3D printed objects.
  • Identifying grits of sand paper and its applications.
  • Assessing best use of sandpaper and filing tools.
  • Filling gaps with spot putty and filler primer.
  • Smoothing compatible material surfaces with acetone.
  • Painting PLA, ABS and PETG with acrylic paints and spray paints.

Date and Location

Saturday, September 14th, 2019

10AM – 2PM

Vivian Engineering Center (VEC) 516-A


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